PerioCentrum, very present in the XV Perio Workshop of the EFP

PerioCentrum, muy presente en el XV Perio Workshop de la EFP

PerioCentrum, very present in the XV Perio Workshop of the EFP

Fabio Vignoletti, Alberto Ortiz-Vigón and Eduardo Montero participated in the XV Perio Workshop, organized by the EFP, in collaboration with the Osteology Foundation (ORCA), which, in this edition, has addressed bone regeneration.

From November 10th to 13th, in La Granja de San Ildefonso (Segovia), 75 experts organized in four groups, have evaluated a series of reviews based on evidence and have developed consensus, which will be published in the Clinical Journal of Periodontology, with the objective of updating scientific knowledge in bone biology, the use of biomaterials and other regenerative techniques and to confirm the effectiveness of the interventions carried out to ensure these approaches.

Group 1, led by Tord Berglundh and William Giannobile, focused on analyzing the biological processes involved in alveolar regeneration. The second, with Mariano Sanz and Christer Dahlin at the helm, in biomaterials and regenerative techniques. The third, with Maurizio Tonetti and Ronald Jung, evaluated the review presented by Fabio Vignoletti, clinical director of PerioCentrum Madrid and Verona, together with Gustavo Ávila Ortiz and Leandro Chambrone, on the management of the alveolus after tooth extraction. And the fourth group, tutored by Frank Schwarz and Soren Jepsen, worked on the regeneration of alveolar defects.

Alberto Ortiz-Vigón, clinical director of PerioCentrum Bilbao, proposed a review of the effectiveness of reconstructive surgical therapy in bone defects related to periimplantitis, done together with Professor Cristiano Tomasi and Jan Derks.

Eduardo Montero, in turn, showed a review on the effectiveness of vertical crest augmentation interventions, carried out together with Istvan Urban, Alberto Monje and Ignacio Sanz Sánchez.

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