Support for Young Entrepreneurs

Familiar with the needs that exist around it, PerioCentrum offers various social action programs to provide access to its resources, thus benefitting other people and/or entities deemed worthy of such support.
It is for that reason that in 2017, it started a new social action project to support young entrepreneurs that gives a voice and a profile to odontology students and graduates under 40 involved in innovative projects in various specialisations of the odontological sector, and whose contribution will result in improvements to clinical practice.


Icnodent is a spin-off created by odontology students Jonathan and Christian Mulas in collaboration with the Fundación Universidad Alfonso X. This mission of the firm is to improve the experience of dental patients through the use of new technologies. Based on studies carried out on Icnos, the virtual reality communication tool, the team was a finalist at Yuzz 2015, a national youth business competition. At present, they are studying the use of technology that can be applied in different fields of medicine, researching the application of Icnos in cases of patients with degenerative diseases and problems with speech by incorporating an optical recognition system into the system.

In November 2017, Icnodent and PerioCentrum signed a collaboration agreement to include the young firm in the PerioCentrum young entrepreneurs’ support program to lift the profile of and disseminate the innovative project to be developed by the doctors of the future Mules.

Find out more about Icnodent and the Icnos system:

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If you are interested in participating in the PerioCentrum “Support for Young Entrepreneurs” social action program, contact our technical secretariat via mail at and explain your project:

  • Corporate name and trading name of the company (in the case of incorporated companies).
  • Description of the project: Definition, objectives, improvements and/or points of innovation in the sector.
  • Other relevant points of interest: Graphic material, articles developed, etc.”.