Gum aesthetics

Dental Aesthetic

Gum aesthetics is one of the main reasons patients come to see us.

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The conditions that affect the tissue surrounding the teeth (gum and bone) are not limited to infection: in many cases, patients present with problems of an aesthetic nature. Often, teeth are small in relation to the amount of gum visible when the patient smiles. This condition is called gummy smile and, in many cases, is very easy to solve. In other cases, it is anything but: one or more teeth have receding gums and the tooth appears longer. When this happens aesthetic problems are accompanied by other problems, such as greater sensitivity to cold (hypersensitivity). Such problems can also be solved with the help of a periodontist.

At present, problems relating to dental aesthetics are one of the main reasons patients come to see us: it is increasingly common for patients to come to us to have their teeth whitened, close gaps between their teeth, alter the shape or size of their teeth or simply to improve their smile. For this reason, aesthetic odontology is one of the areas where there has been most research into new materials and techniques in order to meet patients’ expectations.

We at PerioCentrum are specialists in periodontal and regenerative plastic surgery, and have a training program for dentists who are interested in advanced training programs in this field. Periodontal plastic surgery and bone regeneration techniques are crucial when resolving complex cases to improve the smile of a patient, or when restoring the smile they had in their youth. In many of these cases, a number of specialists must be involved in order to provide integrated treatment and achieve the resulted expected by the patient. Let us not forget that a full, beautiful smile is usually our first letter of introduction.