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Tienes una nueva cita con los ITI Study Club de PerioCentrum Bilbao

You have a new appointment with the ITI Study Club of PerioCentrum Bilbao

Learn about the ITI Study Club calendar that PerioCentrum Bilbao has prepared for 2019. These meetings are a forum for debate... read more

Aprende a colocar implantes

Learn how to place implants

Placing viable implants from an aesthetic and functional point of view is not easy. At PerioCentrum Academy we want to... read more

La terapia periodontal como un todo

Periodontal therapy as a whole

If you want to acquire more clinical knowledge, sign up for the third edition of our Surgical Periodontal Therapy... read more

Estudio pionero de la periimplantitis en España

A pioneering study of periimplantitis in Spain

Promoted by the Spanish Society of Periodontics and Oseintegration, “Prevalence and risk factors of periimplantitis in Spain” is the... read more

Fabio Vignoletti: rigor e innovación en el Simposio SEPA-SIdP

Fabio Vignoletti: Rigor and innovation at the SEPA-SIdP Symposium

Fabio Vignoletti, Clinical Director of PerioCentrum Madrid and Verona, participated in the SEPA-SIdP Joint Symposium on Clinical Sessions of... read more

La formación actualizada, un pilar fundamental para PerioCentrum

Training updates, a fundamental pillar for PerioCentrum

In the commitment of PerioCentrum to combine research, clinical excellence and training, this month of November, Dr. Iñaki Suárez... read more