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PerioCentrum Ávila: la salud como único objetivo

PerioCentrum Ávila: health is the sole objective

Since 2011, at PerioCentrum Ávila, Ramón Lorenzo and his team attend to patients in a personalized way, focusing on... read more

Experiencia y avance profesional

Experience and professional advancement

A more complete and updated clinical view of periodontal treatment and diagnosis. This is what students who participated from... read more


3rd edition of the Dental Campus Congress: save the date!

There is one year to go to celebrate the third edition of the Dental Campus Congress, an initiative of... read more

Experiencia modulada

Modular experience

This week, the students of the Expert in Periodontics and Implantology  have continued to advance in their training. This third... read more

Tienes una nueva cita con los ITI Study Club de PerioCentrum Bilbao

You have a new appointment with the ITI Study Club of PerioCentrum Bilbao

Learn about the ITI Study Club calendar that PerioCentrum Bilbao has prepared for 2019. These meetings are a forum for debate... read more

Aprende a colocar implantes

Learn how to place implants

Placing viable implants from an aesthetic and functional point of view is not easy. At PerioCentrum Academy we want to... read more