Offers and cheap implants?

Be wary of offers and potential misleading advertising

Implantes Baratos

Always request the full price of your treatment, without any catches or extra services. Often, implants are offered for a very low price but when the patient goes to the clinic, the cost of other items is added to the price originally quoted, such as the removal of suture, the second phase of surgery, etc., and even regenerative materials that are not required or put in place./p>

In some cases, cases of misleading advertising in relation to price and the treatment offered arise. Such advertising exists in Spain, advertising that is banned in most countries of the European Union.

Of course, not all dental implants are the same. There are more than 250 brands of implants on the market, but just five or six are supported by science that confirms their top quality and best results, in particular in the long-term. The team at PerioCentrum only uses top-end implants (Straumann, Nobel Biocare and Astra Denstply). These implants have the benefit of belonging to the companies that have spent the most on research in the field of implantology in the last 20 years. The quality and reliability of these implant systems, which are global leaders, guarantee us success rates of more than 98%. Furthermore, there are some very important advantages, such as the ability to place implants in a simple, minimally invasive manner via the use of extra-short implants, or narrow implants made with a zirconium alloy, when the patient has barely any bone. All of this is without the need to resort to bone regeneration procedures.

The advantages of a high-end implant are:

  • Scientific support: This allows treatment to be reliable. At PerioCentrum, we are responsible for our treatments in the long-term and, as a result, we always seek out the best materials and the most advanced technology. When it comes to health, there is no room for speculation.
  • Reduction in costs: High-end implants allow us to perform treatments that are much more efficient, in that they reduce the need for complex and technical bone regeneration and graft procedures. Nowadays all patients can be rehabilitated with implants, even if they have no bone.
  • Reduces the chances of rejection and treatment time: At present, the rejection rate for implants should be no more than 2%, even in the most complex of cases.
  • Guarantee: The materials we use for implants have a lifetime guarantee.
  • Less chance of complications: Due to their strict quality controls and the scientific support behind them, there is less chance that high-end implants will experience complications over time.