What is periodontitis (pyorrhea)?

Qué es la Periodontitis

Periodontitis is an infection of the tissue that supports the teeth. Like gingivitis, it affects the gums but, unlike this condition, it also affects the bone. It is characterised by the gradual destruction of bone and gum. And has its origins in the bacteria found in bacterial plaque that attack the gums and bone of people who have a predisposition to this disease. Risk factors such as tobacco, diabetes, stress, etc. accelerate the progress of the disease. In its advanced stages, it causes tooth loss over a variable time frame.

Despite that fact that it is a disease that shows very early symptoms, such as bleeding gums, unfortunately patients do not give the condition the respect it deserves due to the fact that it does not cause pain.

As it progresses, the signs and symptoms of the condition become more evident.

Although it is an oral disease, it is related to other general diseases and conditions. We know, for example, that pregnant women are exposed to greater risk during childbirth if they have periodontitis that is not treated and that certain bacteria in the mouth increase the chances of a cerebrovascular accident.

Qué es la Periodontitis