Oral Surgery

Apicectomies are a very important resource in saving teeth that have already been subject to root canal therapy.

Teeth that are damaged or have deep cavities can develop infected sites at the apices (the end of the root). If these areas are not treated, these areas can become dental cysts. Initially, this condition is treated with root canal therapy; however, if this is not sufficient an apicectomy is required.

An apicectomy is a simple yet delicate procedure performed under local anaesthetic. It consists of the surgical removal of the infected site with the apice of the infected tooth, with the site later sealed using a specific type of cement. With this procedure the infection is eliminated, eliminating the need to remove the tooth. The rate of success of this procedure is higher when the procedure is performed with magnification and by a qualified specialist. It is a treatment whose success is to a very large extent determined by the skill of the professional who performs it.