Bone regeneration


It is crucial to be able to select the correct instructions to regenerate bone and to use the most advanced techniques in reconstructive surgery.

Usually, the loss of bone is due to the consequences of severe periodontitis (pyorrhoea) that has not been treated in time. It can also be due to the passage of time since the extraction of one or more teeth, due to the gradual reabsorption experienced by the bone in the jaws when a tooth is extracted.

Many patients come to see us with the misconception that they cannot have implants fitted because they have insufficient bone to do so. Nowadays, the loss of bone does not constitute an obstacle to having implants fitted. In these cases, the patient can also benefit from treatment with implants, given that there are procedures and biomaterials that are extremely reliable that can be used to rebuild bone lost by the patient. We also have the option of using narrow-diameter implants or extra-short implants, which obviate the need for recourse to bone regeneration procedures. The professionals at PerioCentrum will explain to you which treatment is most appropriate for you in each case.

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