Our Values:


Knowing what we do and why we do it is not random, it is also based on years of experience, scientific studies and cutting-edge research. It is our obligation to be updated in order to offer you the best treatment options.


We will always establish a dialogue with you about your needs and requirements, under the premise of always trying to save your teeth and, if it is not possible, to offer the most appropriate treatments for your situation.


All PerioCentrum clinics are managed by one or several specialist partners accredited by the Spanish Society of Periodontics and Osseointegration (SEPA). The maximum specialization in our area leads us to achieve the best results.

We bet on the tooth

The trend of recent years, against which we position ourselves openly, has defended the removal of natural teeth to replace them with dental implants. Dental implants are never an end in themselves, but a means to replace lost teeth or with an impossible prognosis.
Our priority will always be to treat and save your teeth. Long-term clinical studies show us that the treatment of periodontitis is very effective and allows the teeth to be kept in the mouth.

Cutting-edge technology

At PerioCentrum we invest in the latest technology to offer you the best diagnosis such as the Florida probe or the use of 3D digital radiology. We carry out the most precise treatments for you by using technology such as computer-guided surgery, the use of platelet-rich plasma or the use of high-end implants. We want your experience to be always positive, and for this we have technology to eliminate pain and anxiety such as intravenous sedation, conscious sedation with nitrous oxide and the painless anesthesia system WAND STA.

Teaching and scientific activity

Our professional vocation not only focuses on the clinical environment, but also leads us to maintain an intense teaching activity, both at a private and university level. We also collaborate in research with prestigious universities and we carry out our own research through PerioCentrum Research.