Teeth in a day


Progress made in recent years, both in terms of implant planning and in the design of implant morphology and surface, have led to a quantum leap forward in the quality of treatments. One example of this progress is the development of immediate loading.

Immediate loading consists of the fitting of permanently fixed dental prostheses on implants on the same day as surgery or 2-3 days thereafter, as appropriate. These prostheses for immediate loading, made from resin, are provisional and will be replaced with permanent ceramic prostheses once the period for the osseointegration of the implant has ended.

For patients, there are two main benefits of immediate loading:

  • Greater comfort, inasmuch as the patient does not have to wear uncomfortable removable prostheses during the months of integration of the implants.
  • It will boost the adaptation of the gum line to the permanent ceramic prostheses, significantly improving their appearance.
Dientes en un día