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Dr. Ortiz-Vigón

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Doctor Alberto Ortiz-Vigón

Dr. Alberto Ortiz-Vigón is an odontologist from the Universidad del País Vasco. He holds a Masters’ degree in periodontology and implants from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and has been awarded the Board of the European Federation of Periodontology.

In 2017 he defended his doctoral thesis “Effectiveness of the horizontal bone regeneration of the alveolar atrophic rige for implant placement” at the UCM, for which he was awarded the outstanding Cum Laude and the extraordinary prize of doctorate 2017 for the best dossier with the score of 97.3 points.
The doctor is a teacher in the Master of periodontology program of UCM and a researcher at the same institution. He is also a visiting professor of the Master of Implants program of the Universidad Europea de Madrid and the specialist Masters’ program in integrated dental aesthetics offered by the Universidad del País Vasco (UPV). He has also written 15 articles in a number of national and international journals and has been e lecturer in more than 31 courses in Spain and overseas, and is the director of the ITI study club in Bilbao. Dr. Ortiz-Vigón has an exclusive focus on periodontology and implants in Bilbao and is an active participant in the training activities of Grupo PerioCentrum.

Dr. Erik Regidor - PerioCentrum Bilbao

Dr. Erik Regidor has a degree in odontology from UPV-EHU and a Masters’ degree in biomedical research, and has completed the module-based Masters’ program in clinical endodontics. He holds a Diploma in Guided Bone Regeneration from the PerioCentrum Academy, a Diploma in periodontal

plastic surgery and periimplants, a Certificate in Advanced Surgery and a Diploma in Advanced Aesthetic Orthodontics from the Universidad Complutense.
At PerioCentrum Bilbao, his exclusive focus is on periodontology and implants and he is the Co-Director of the ITI Study Clubs held at the centre.
Exclusive focus on periodontology and implants at PerioCentrum Bilbao.

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Dr. Alberto Ortiz-Vigón (Periodontology and implants).

Dra. Carmen Carnicero (Prostheses and implants).

Dr. Ramón Ortiz-Vigón (Medical advisor).

Dra. Esperanza Gross (Oral medicine and bruxism).

Dr. Erik Regidor (Periodontology and implants).

Dra. Mariana González-Axpe (Prostodoncia y Rehabilitación).

Dr. Iñaki Suárez (Periodontology and implants).

Dra. Lidia Zarzuela (Aesthetics and restoration).

Dr. Jordi Navarro (Periodontology).

Dra. Silvia Martín (Odontology).

Dr. Gaizka Loroño (Endodontics).

Dra. María Cano (Anaesthesia and revival).

Dra. Aiala González (Orthodontist).

Mª Carmen Blanco (Periodontal maintenance).

Idoia Ayllón (Periodontal maintenance).

Eva González (Periodontal maintenance).

Silvia Justel (Periodontal maintenance).

Mónica González (Auxiliar).

Judit Díaz (Prosthetics).

Ainhoa Ramos (Assistant).

Cristina Carnicero (Administration coordinator).

June González (Human resources manager).

Begoña Villanueva (Reception).

Mónica Teijido (Reception).

Haizea Azpitarte (Communication).

Roberto Callejón (Accounting and advisory services).

Rosa García-Flores (Sterilisation assistant).

Nuria García (Sterilisation assistant).

Ángel Prieto (IT maintenance).

Iker Zarautz (IT maintenance).

Iban Aguirre (Audio-visual technology).

Elena Leudo (Concierge).

Juan Díez (Concierge).

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