What if there is no bone?


Nowadays, the fact that there is little bone does not mean that patient cannot benefit from treatment with implants.

The loss of bone does not pose an obstacle to having implants fitted; indeed, having little bone does not mean that a patient cannot benefit from treatment with implants – there are various procedures and techniques designed to rebuild lost bone. The professionals at PerioCentrum will explain in each case which technique would best meet your requirements.


At PerioCentrum, in order to ensure successful reconstructive surgery on the jawbone and the jaw, we use synthetic grafts wherever possible so that the patient does not have to have a graft on a part of the body that is not the oral cavity (head, hip, tibia, etc.). In doing so, we significantly reduce post-operative complications and achieve the best results, and with treatments vouched for by the international scientific community at all times.

The use of implants of maximum rigidity containing titanium and zirconium (roxolid (c)) allows us to use narrow-diameter implants without the risk of a fracture. In doing so, we reduce the need for, and signs of, bone regeneration. The aim is to find the most straightforward way to achieve the surest and most stable results over time.