Thinking Perio workshops: a commitment to health

Talleres Thinking Perio: una apuesta por la salud

Thinking Perio workshops: a commitment to health

Publicizing the relationship between oral health and general health and raising awareness among patients and the population of this relationship is one of the priorities of PerioCentrum.

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, on November 14th, at PerioCentrum Segovia a workshop was scheduled at which doctors José Carlos Castro and Eduardo Montero explained how people with diabetes are three times more at risk of suffering from periodontitis, an fact that most people do not know, and confirmed that for these patients it is essential to have healthy lifestyle habits. In addition to a good diet, exercise, moderate alcohol consumption and no smoking, doctors Castro and Montero stressed the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth since oral infections can lead to serious situations in these patients.

In the same line, a workshop also took place at PerioCentrum Bilbao on November 15th, developed by Drs. Erik Regidor and Idoia Ayllón. Both found that proper gum health is essential for people with diabetes and that dental consultation is undoubtedly an essential ally in the fight against this disease.

This was very clear to the public that attended both workshops. In both clinics a guide with keys to this topic  was distributed and analyzed to maintain good oral health and to control, and even prevent, diabetes.

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