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PerioCentrum Ávila: la salud como único objetivo

PerioCentrum Ávila: health is the sole objective

Since 2011, at PerioCentrum Ávila, Ramón Lorenzo and his team attend to patients in a personalized way, focusing on honesty and closeness to patients. They are always seeking the best treatment in periodontics and implants and encouraging networking with other professionals to ensure excellence in the results. In short, the health of patients. That will always be the only goal of PerioCentrum Ávila. Find out more in this video.

Experiencia y avance profesional

Experience and professional advancement

A more complete and updated clinical view of periodontal treatment and diagnosis. This is what students who participated from February 21st to 23rd in the PerioCentrum Academy periodontal surgical course have acquired. During the first day, the doctors Estefanía Laguna and Mercedes López laid the foundations of the treatment plans, surgical and non-surgical, accented the systemic phase and the most important factors when making a diagnosis, taught the techniques to perform postoperative treatment and evaluated the necessary instruments to carry [...]

3ª edición del Congreso Dental Campus: ¡reserva la fecha!

3rd edition of the Dental Campus Congress: save the date!

There is one year to go to celebrate the third edition of the Dental Campus Congress, an initiative of PerioCentrum Academy. Once again, the event will take place in the COEM, in Madrid. We want you to participate and enjoy a special meeting that defends scientific debate on the most current and controversial dental topics. If you are part of our forum on Facebook, you know what is Dental Campus. If you have not yet attended the previous editions, you cannot miss [...]

Erik Regidor: “El tratamiento de las enfermedades periimplantarias está en auge. De ahí que necesitemos ser más precisos a la hora de dar un pronóstico a los implantes enfermos de nuestros pacientes”

Erik Regidor: “The treatment of peri-implant diseases is on the rise. That is why we need to be more precise when it comes to giving a prognosis to the diseased implants of our patients “

We spoke with Erik Regidor, specialist in Periodontics and member of the Perio-Centrum Bilbao team, about the publication of the first article of his thesis, Efficacy of reconstructive surgical thera-py in bone defects related to peri-implantitis. A systematic review and meta-analysis, in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology together with two of the most recognized specialists in the world in pe-riimplantitis (Derks & Tomassi). 1- This first approved publication of your thesis is based on a review by Jan Derks and [...]

Vuelven los Study Club

The Study Clubs return

On Friday, February 8th, the first two ITI Study Clubs of the year were held in Bilbao and in Guipúzcoa. At PerioCentrum Bilbao, Alberto Ortiz-Vigón and his team focused their session on periodontal and peri-implant plastic surgery and performed a live intervention, as can be seen in this video.   For their part, Victoria Sánchez and Iñaki Suárez, clinical director of PerioCentrum San Sebastián, organized the ITI Study Club of Guipúzcoa, with Dr. Victoria Pastor Ramos, who developed her paper on "Medical [...]

Ramón Lorenzo lleva “La magia del tejido blando” a Santiago de Compostela

Ramón Lorenzo lleva “La magia del tejido blando” a Santiago de Compostela

Inibsa, one of PerioCentrum’s strategic partners, decided to celebrate the day of Santa Apolonia in style by inaugurating "The magic of soft tissue" tour with Ramón Lorenzo in Santiago de Compostela. The "Current status of the science and technique of periodontal and peri-implant tissue regeneration. What is the potential of soft tissue substitutes?" Dr. Lorenzo used to evaluate, among other things, the biological and scientific bases and the techniques on periodontal and peri-implant tissues. Ramón Lorenzo, clinical director of PerioCentrum Madrid, [...]

Formación intensiva

Intensive training

This week we tackled with great enthusiasm the fourth module of the Expert in Periodontics and Implantology. Our students (Carlos Díez, Javier Sanz, Anna Vives, Pilar Blanco, Beatriz Sanchez and Sara González) made a first approach to periondotal surgery, both in the consolidation of the scientific basis and the clinical part. Ana Molina, Nerea Sánchez, Ramón Lorenzo, Fabio Vignoletti, Alfonso Oteo and Daniel Rodrigo guided them in this theoretical-practical training, which has been possible thanks to the support of our strategic [...]


Outstanding participation of PerioCentrum in SOCE Bilbao

On February 1st and 2nd, the VII National Congress of Digital Dentistry (SOCE) took place at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao. An event in which part of the PerioCentrum team played a prominent role. Erik Regidor and Esperanza Gross presented communications. Doctor Regidor discussed "Use of digital softwares in mucogingival surgery research protocols" and the paper "Rehabilitation of total edentulous patients with implants through a complete digital flow. Suggested by a case” earned Dr. Gross to be selected finalist. The participation [...]

formación con futuro

Training with a future

If you are looking to expand and improve your periodontal knowledge, do not miss this opportunity and sign up for PerioCentrum Academy's Periodontal Surgical Therapy course. Three intensive days in which theoretical sessions and practical clases on animal models will take place, as Estefanía Laguna and Eduardo Montero, two of the speakers in this course, advance in this video   At PerioCentrum Academy we bet on your future. And you?

PerioCentrum y BTI: una colaboración sólida

PerioCentrum and BTI: a solid collaboration

Last Friday, January 25th, members of PerioCentrum Group met with BTI, a strategic partner of the group, at its headquarters in Vitoria. Doctors Ramón Lorenzo, Alfonso Oteo, Daniel Rodrigo, Alberto Ortiz-Vigón and Iñaki Suárez visited the R & D & I laboratory and attended a talk by Mohammad Hamdam about Endoret, the biomedical technology created to stimulate the regeneration of tissues through application of growth factors and other proteins present in blood plasma. At the end of the day, the doctors [...]