A duel at the highest level

Un duelo de altísimo nivel

A duel at the highest level

Ramón Lorenzo, Alberto Ortiz-Vigón and Eduardo Montero shared this weekend with the students of the vertical regeneration course of PerioCentrum Academy, the knowledge and mastery of the two most innovative surgical techniques.

On Friday morning, Alberto Ortiz-Vigón opened the course putting in context the formwork technique (Khoury) before performing a live surgery to demonstrate how to carry it out. Along the same lines, Ramón Lorenzo defended in the afternoon the application of non-reabsorbable membranes as the best procedure. It was a precise and high-level duel between the clinical directors of PerioCentrum Madrid and Bilbao.

Eduardo Montero started the session on Saturday showing the evidence and effectiveness of the vertical increases of flange from each technique.

The course, which counted on the active collaboration of Salugraft, concluded with the tutelage of doctors Lorenzo and Ortiz-Vigón and other PerioCentrum team members in the practices carried out by the students on cadaver heads. The best way to close, after two days of mastery and technical perfection, and settle everything learned. Each of the assistants returns home being able to carry out from now on these techniques in their clinical day to day.

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