Gaceta Dental magazine awards Dr. Meaños the prize for the Best Clinical Case

La revista Gaceta Dental otorga al Dr. Meaños el premio al mejor caso clínico

Gaceta Dental magazine awards Dr. Meaños the prize for the Best Clinical Case

Just as they have done for the past 21 years, the journal Gaceta Dental celebrated a new edition of awards in different categories. The awards recognize the work of all those professionals in the dental sector who, through their articles and clinical work, share their experience and knowledge with the rest of the profession.

This year, within the category of the Best Clinical Case, the journal has decided to reward the article “Aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of the anterior sector: digital flow and vertical preparations”, signed by Dr. Antonio Meaños, guest professor at PerioCentrum Academy and specialist that will be collaborating soon with the team of PerioCentrum Bilbao-Clínica Ortiz-Vigón.

Dr. Cristiano Abad, Guillermo Pradies and Irene Carmen García-Martínez, all members of the Master of Restorative Dentistry based on New Technologies (UCM), collaborated with Dr. Meaños in the writing of the article.

You can read the synopsis of the article here.

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