Periodontal therapy as a whole

La terapia periodontal como un todo

Periodontal therapy as a whole

If you want to acquire more clinical knowledge, sign up for the third edition of our Surgical Periodontal Therapy course, which will take place at PerioCentrum Academy from February 21st to the 23rd.

Estefanía Laguna, Mercedes López, Ramón Lorenzo, María Mínguez, Eduardo Montero, Daniel Rodrigo, Nerea Sánchez and Iñaki Suárez will teach you to differentiate the different protocols and techniques to carry out the best diagnoses and treatments in patients.

As in all our courses, a scientific basis will be very present. It will be a three-day intensive, personalized learning experience for 15 students, in which you will understand periodontal therapy as a whole. It will allow you to go in-depth into the theoretical aspects and also refine the clinical part by practicing on porcine heads.

Train with us to go farther.

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