A pioneering study of periimplantitis in Spain

Estudio pionero de la periimplantitis en España

A pioneering study of periimplantitis in Spain

Promoted by the Spanish Society of Periodontics and Oseintegration, “Prevalence and risk factors of periimplantitis in Spain” is the first epidemiological study of these characteristics that is carried out in our country.

After 6 years of work, the study, coordinated by Daniel Rodrigo, clinical director of PerioCentrum Guadalajara, along with Ignacio Sanz Sanchez, Elena Figuero, Juan Carlos Llodra, Manuel Bravo, Raul Caffesse, Nuria Vallcorba, Adrián Guerrero and David Herrera, was published in October in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology.

49 dentists evaluated 275 patients with 474 implants during a follow-up of at least five years. The objective was to assess the prevalence of peri-implant mucositis (inflammation of the gum around the implants) and peri-implantitis (loss of bone due to infection) as well as the factors related to these pathologies.

The study shows that peri-implant diseases are very prevalent and affect almost 50% of the population that carries implants.

It also highlights how important it is to establish appropriate prevention strategies and carry out an early diagnosis through regulated and individualized maintenance protocols, in addition to proper oral hygiene.

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