Dra. Elvira Sánchez

Dra. Elvira Sanchez

Dra. Elvira Sánchez

PerioCentrum Academy offers personalized training adapted to your needs, optimizing your time to the maximum

Dr. Elvira Sánchez graduated in Dentistry and is an expert in Conservatives Dentistry and Endodontics at the University of Seville. She shares her impressions of the training offered by PerioCentrum Academy with us.

How did you get to know PerioCentrum Academy?
On the advice of a colleague, friend and teacher of the profession, specialist in periodontics and implants, Dr. Gustavo Cabello.

What courses have you done with us?
One course of guided Bone Regeneration and one of Soft Tissue Management. I hope to do the Basic and Surgical Periodontics shortly and later I do not rule out studying the Expert, a new course recently created.

What would you highlight from each of the PerioCentrum Academy courses you have completed?
I would highlight a common feature: the teaching of the key aspects to be considered in order to achieve success in both types of surgeries has represented an important turning point in my clinical practice after the completion of these courses.

What do you think makes PerioCentrum Academy different and why did you choose us?
Due to the lack of time I have to take courses, I am very selective when deciding which ones I want to do. In the case of PerioCentrum, there were several reasons. In the first place, its organization in modules dealing with specific topics of the specialty of periodontics, means that you have a personalized training adapted to your needs, optimizing your time to the maximum. On the other hand, the references I received about the teaching team were magnificent and I have been able to verify that, not only have they covered my expectations, but they exceeded them, both in the professional aspect as well as with regards to the teacher and the personnel, for their warm manner with us and the service to students in order to solve all the questions that were raised during the course and once completed. Another aspect that I loved is how they care about all the details to offer a competent, friendly and familiar professional environment.

Here we offer you the 2019 training program of PerioCentrum Academy.

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