Expert 2018-19: Clinic and science in the same program

Experto 2018-19: Clínica y ciencia en un mismo programa

Expert 2018-19: Clinic and science in the same program

Six students began the new edition of the Expert in Periodontics and Implantology of PerioCentrum Academy last week, from October 8 to 11.

For four days, students began to delve into this two-year program that combines clinic and science. “The objective is not that they learn to operate but that they acquire a periodontal culture. This course is quite a program because it brings students much closer to clinical training and a professional maturation, something not usual in the training programs that can be found “, emphasizes Fabio Vignoletti. In the first year of the Expert the students have to learn the biological bases and the scientific knowledge of periodontics, and in the second, those of implantology. When they possess them, they will be able to treat patients under the tutelage of the teachers of the course.

The doctors Ramón Lorenzo, Fabio Vignoletti, Alberto Ortiz Vigón, Daniel Rodrigo, Alfonso Oteo have laid the first foundations of this course (introduction of the program, delivery of documentation and progress of the literature that will be reviewed) and have shared case treatments specific to the residencies that too place with the students in their respective clinics.

In these videos, Dr. Ramón Lorenzo, Daniel Rodrigo and Alfonso Oteo (insert the video link here) talk about part of the actions that were carried out during these days.

The next module of the expert will be from November 26 to 29.

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