Your visit will be as follows

At PerioCentrum, we receive our patients as through they were visitors to our own home.

su primera visita

In view of our commitment to excellence, we are required to prepare an anamnesis (an exhaustive clinical history) on the patient. On their first visit, we will allocate all of the time and resources necessary in order to collect the diagnostic tests and arrive at the best treatment option for you. Consider the diagnosis the most important phase in the process. Our qualified personnel will help you complete your dental history, as it is very important to record medical histories, allergies, if the patient is currently on medication and what procedures they have had in the past.

In our offices, doctors will conduct an in-depth oral examination of the teeth, gums and other soft parts of your oral cavity. A panoramic x-ray and the periapical x-rays required for the diagnosis and planning of treatment will be taken.

Once we have assessed all of the diagnostic tests we will suggest different treatment options, searching for that which best meets your expectations. Once there is consensus on the best option for you, we will prepare a detailed quote so that you are aware from the outset of the duration, sequence (the number of appointments) and cost of your treatment.