Special services for our patients

The best services for our patients.


Please do not rule out the chance to improve your quality of life for financial reasons: we can help you with finance. Furthermore, we pay any interest due in the first year. While the cost of treatment can seen onerous, you should remember that it is an investment for the rest of your life. People tend to invest large sums of money in material goods without giving thought to improving their quality of life, something for which there is no doubt an essential requirement: GOOD HEALTH.

Chauffeur service.

We offer to collect you from and return you to your home on the day of your procedure, free of charge, which means you will not have to make an uncomfortable journey or call on family or friends to provide you with transport. Please use this free VIP service, which we are delighted to provide.

We are at your service, and want what is best for you.

Personal assistance over the phone.

Following their procedure, our patients have access to our personal telephone assistance service. It has been shown that a patient who is confident in the knowledge that they can call on their doctor at any time experiences fewer complications they are less anxious in the face of doubts as to whether or nor their treatment will be a success and have the assurance of being able to consult with their doctor in relation to any aspect of their treatment.

atenciones especiales para nuestros pacientes