Pain-free treatments

“All the fear was in the end for no reason”.

Periodontal treatment or treatment with implants SHOULD NOT HURT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Treatments are carried out under conventional anaesthesia (such as that used for inserting a filling).

At our clinics, we endeavour to ensure that our patients are as comfortable as possible. With this aim in mind, we now have the new WAND STA anaesthesia machines.

Until now, the infiltration of anaesthetic has been a painful process for many patients, in particular when infiltrated into some of the more sensitive areas of the mouth, such as the anterior region of the mouth or the palate.

The STA anaesthetic technique allows the area to be anesthetised before the tissue is punctured with the needle, so that when the needle punctures the tissue the tissue is already dormant and the puncture does not hurt.

The other reason the anaesthetic can hurt is the pressure applied by the anaesthetic fluid when it enters the tissue. With the STA system, the anaesthetic penetrates the tissue drop by drop, preventing pain during infiltration. Furthermore, for some treatments it allows a single tooth to be anaesthetised, sparing the patient the discomfort of a numb lip for 2 or 3 hours. Moreover, to ensure a comfortable post-operative period we advise on the medication that is best-suited to the needs of each patient and which corresponds to the treatment provided.

One of the phases most often heard in our office from patients who receive periodontal treatment or treatment with implants is: “All the fear was in the end for no reason”. This phrase is a constant refrain.