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Erik Regidor: “El tratamiento de las enfermedades periimplantarias está en auge. De ahí que necesitemos ser más precisos a la hora de dar un pronóstico a los implantes enfermos de nuestros pacientes”

Erik Regidor: “The treatment of peri-implant diseases is on the rise. That is why we need to be more precise when it comes to giving a prognosis to the diseased implants of our patients “

We spoke with Erik Regidor, specialist in Periodontics and member of the Perio-Centrum Bilbao team, about the publication of... read more

Vuelven los Study Club

The Study Clubs return

On Friday, February 8th, the first two ITI Study Clubs of the year were held in Bilbao and in... read more

Formación intensiva

Intensive training

This week we tackled with great enthusiasm the fourth module of the Expert in Periodontics and Implantology. Our students (Carlos... read more

PerioCentrum Ávila: la salud como único objetivo

PerioCentrum Ávila: health is the sole objective

Since 2011, at PerioCentrum Ávila, Ramón Lorenzo and his team attend to patients in a personalized way, focusing on... read more

Experiencia y avance profesional

Experience and professional advancement

A more complete and updated clinical view of periodontal treatment and diagnosis. This is what students who participated from... read more

3ª edición del Congreso Dental Campus: ¡reserva la fecha!

3rd edition of the Dental Campus Congress: save the date!

There is one year to go to celebrate the third edition of the Dental Campus Congress, an initiative of... read more