We are accredited specialists: A different and innovative project

The Team

PerioCentrum is a unique and innovative project.

PerioCentrum is a unique and innovative project with a focus on academic excellence and quality within the specialisation of periodontology and dental implants, where all of its centres are managed by the best exclusive specialists in periodontology. As a result, you can be sure that you will always be treated by an ACCREDITED PERIODONTIST.

All of our periodontists at the clinics of PerioCentrum are accredited by the Master of Periodontology awarded by the European Board of Periodontology and Implants. You can be guaranteed that you will be attended to by a professional with the highest qualifications.

You will always be attended to by a periodontist and implantologist accredited by the European Federation of Periodontology (FEP). We have a Master of Periodontology from UCM, the only Masters’ degree holder accredited by the F.E.P. We are also specialist shareholders in the Spanish Periodontology and Implant Society. If you require further information about the curriculum vitae of the doctors, click here.

Especialistas acreditados