How long does an implant take to attach to the bone?

The osteointegration process is not the same for all brands of implant. Although all implants are made from titanium, each office treats the surface of the implant, which influences the speed of the osseointegration process, the extent of contact between the implant and the bone and, therefore, the rate of success/failure.

At PerioCentrum clinics, we use just three high-end or premium brands of implant, with which be obtain documented osseointegration success rates of more than 99% for the implants we fit. Furthermore, these are the implants that osteointegrate fastest; in most of the cases we see, production of the permanent prosthesis can start within six weeks of the implant being put in place. In situations where the patient has little bone where bone regeneration techniques must be used, the time we need to wait in order to make the prosthesis is usually longer.