Who we are


Qué es PerioCentrum

PerioCentrum is a group of clinics operated by a group of experts in periodontology and implantology who offer treatments based on three pillars:

  • Scientific rigour.
  • Honesty with patients.
  • Excellence in results.

All PerioCentrum clinics are owned by one or more doctors accredited as specialists in periodontology and implants with the Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration (SEPA).


To provide the best treatment, the best diagnosis is required. To ensure such a diagnosis, PerioCentrum bases its efforts on the scientific rigour provided by its years of experience in:

  • Clinical practice.
  • Research: Recognised internationally.
  • Specialist training: We collaborate as speakers with the main domestic and international scientific societies (SEPA, SEPES, SDPI, EAO, etc.), the most prestigious postgraduate programs in Spain (UCM, UEM, US, etc.) and Italy (Milan, Siena) and the trading houses most recognised on a global level (Straumann, Geistlich, etc.), and offer our own training courses in periodontology and implants for dentists through PerioCentrum Academy.

Indeed, PerioCentrum is a baseline for the resolution of complex cases referred to our clinics from across the whole of Spain.


PerioCentrum offers treatments based on a common idea: To avoid the loss of teeth.

The most important thing is the health of the patient. For a number of years, there has been a trend towards the removal of teeth that are perfectly viable for many years – or even the whole life of the patient – to be replaced with dental implants. At PerioCentrum we use the latest periodontal tissue regeneration techniques, perform the latest periodontal treatments and have in place maintenance programs that enable us to protect the teeth and dental implants of our patients.

PerioCentrum offers the best quality implants, as we only use the best brands in the market.

These two factors, when combined with programmed and personalised follow-up, render the money spent by the patient in their dental care a sound long-term investment.


For PerioCentrum, excellence in all areas is its raison d’etre. To achieve this excellence, it conducts its activities on the basis of three premises:

  • At our clinics, all periodontists are accredited periodontists with postgraduate qualifications in periodontology confirming their status as specialists in periodontology registered with the Spanish Society of Implants, and have the Board in Periodontology awarded by the European Federation of Periodontology.
  • We only use the best brands in the market, which, in the hands of the best specialists, result in excellence in treatment.
  • The health of our patients comes before all other considerations. We will always advise our patients to opt for the best course of treatment for their dental, periodontal and periimplant health.

All of the above, when, combined with our years of experience in teaching, research and clinical practice, mean that the results for, and the experience of, the patient are first-rate.



In addition to clinical operations, PerioCentrum has operations in two fundamental areas:

  • Specialist training for dentists. We offer specific training courses in periodontology and dental implants for dentists through PerioCentrum Academy.
  • Research. We actively collaborate as researchers with the world’s leading research group, ETEP (Etiology and Therapy of Periodontal Diseases), led by Dr. Mariano Sanz at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and have our line of research through PerioCentrum Research.

PerioCentrum is a learned group and which wishes to raise awareness of the importance of periodontal disease, and has a commitment to society as a co-founder of Smile is a Foundation.