The mouth can reject implants

Dental implants made from titanium are very biocompatible with hard tissue (bone) and soft tissue (the gum); as a result, the chances of an allergic reaction are very small. To date, after more than 12 years of putting titanium implants in place, we have no recorded cases of a patient who has had an allergic reaction to an implant.

When an implant does not integrate into the bone, it is not as a consequence of the organism rejecting the implant but rather the result of various factors such as the limited volume or poor quality of bone or factors inherent to the patient, such as excessive tobacco consumption. As stated earlier, at PerioCentrum clinics the rate of failure in the integration of the implant is less than 1%. Even though the implant systems we use have a lifetime guarantee provided that they are adequately maintained, if an implant is not successful we perform all procedures necessary in order to replace it at no extra cost to the patient.